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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

So, you might now know a bit about me and you’re wondering what this blog is going to be about? Well, the short answer is that I plan to cover a variety of topics inspired by my years of work in the knowledge management and content management domains. My posts will mostly be a reflection upon my own learnings and also occasionally (hopefully often?) some useful novel ideas for you to consider in your own enterprise.

To given you a sense of what that means, here are some topics I’m planning for future posts:

  • The content management lifecycle and how I see its relationship to a full content management solution for an enterprise
  • Novell’s knowledge management architecture and how it relates to our content management solution
  • The components of searchability (or is that findability?)
  • Managing a taxonomy and guidelines for such
  • Using a taxonomy within an enterprise
  • Types of taxonomies and how they are used
  • Communities of practice infrastructure and metrics
  • Search at Novell (including how we manage and enhance our search, how we manage our “best bets”, how we manage responsibilities for search and other exciting aspects!)
  • A discussion of how a taxonomy can be the “glue” in an enterprise dashboard
  • Folksonomy and tagging within the enterprise
  • Social bookmarking within the enterprise
  • Search logs and taxonomies (including “taxonomizing your search logs” – a term I picked up from Marilyn Chartrand of Kaiser Permanente at Enterprise Search Summit West 2007)
  • The role of a content architect in an enterprise
  • The use of blogs and wikis within the enterprise (along with RSS!)

And probably a host of other topics along the way. A lot of things to write about and share and I hope you find it interesting!